Friday, June 2, 2017

You Alone Can Fix It

It's important to recognize that Trump has no plan, no character, and never did. There's no sense to this. Like any crude, gut level criminal he will simply do what's in his and his family's best interest until he's ousted. The whole campaign was driven by his intolerance of Barack Obama, and his embarrassment at the skewering he took at that Correspondents Dinner dinner in 2011. His promise to the working class was an empty farce. A cursory glance into his record makes it clear that's all it could have ever been. He's not capable of any kind of focus, or heartfelt devotion, or decency, even if he'd intended it. Donald Trump is a toxic buffoon of a man. When someone says 'I alone can fix it,' any sensible observer who's reached at least a 7th grade level knows they're dealing with a pitifully inept narcissist: a man who needs professional help, not to be thrust into power. What a sad little chapter in our storied history.

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