Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Supreme court on downed factory farm animals

The US Supreme Court has shown its cowardice, narrow mindedness and stupidity on many occassions as it panders to big business in the guise of thin legal interpretations; I am truly saddened to see it on this one. The FDA has also failed, as well as a system that encourages the most horrifying and shocking cruelty in the name of cost cutting and profit, right across the board. Fuck the pitifully short sighted, numb morons and cowards in the US Supreme Court who overturned this ban and the abject sociopaths who lobbied for it; and thank you to the state of California for your worthwhile efforts in the first place.

I agree with the thoughtful commentators who remind us that the power rests with you: don't buy this cruelty laden, toxic meat. It is hardly even food. If you're going to eat meat, You will feel much better if you find ethically and sustainably sourced meat products, and are diligent verifying it. I personally gave up all beef and pork products and eat a highly nutritious and most delicious ever diet, and have never felt more alive and energized. Unfortunately, this sensitizes me even more to the horrible suffering of these poor creatures. A nation and a culture is judged by how it treats the least among them. Those who do not have a voice. I wish many blessings for the poor souls who suffer for this sad, cowardly and inhumane decision. Ultimately, the power rests with the people. We are what we eat.