Saturday, July 28, 2012

Fuck You Ringling Bros Circus

Fuck you, Ringling Bros Barnum & Bailey circus for your shocking, cowardly, vicious treatment of beautiful, noble, gentle animals like this elephant, one of many who endure a lifetime of abuse at the hands of your pathetic cowardice and profiteering. I pray for a world in which people wake up to this reality, and realize the last thing they would ever want to do is expose their children to the results of this kind of moral atrocity. Please boycott this atrocious organization and their shocking abuse, and speak out to your friends, family and legislators. They don't tell you what's really going on, my friends. This circus is a lie. I call on all feeling people to end this horror.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Marcus Silva

I discovered this guy today, and he gives me hope. I am not a pacifist. It's just that our policies put soldiers in harm's way and asks them to commit atrocities for the profit and power motives of a tiny minority of sick and deformed individuals. The invasion of Iraq was one of the most horrifying crimes in history, the senseless pain and loss for the Iraqi people incalculable, as well as for the well meaning and sincere individuals in our armed forces who's sincerity gets co-opted by the war criminals who put them there. Thank you Marcus, for your courage and integrity.
"My name is Marcus Silva. I'm a US Army veteran of the Iraq war. After 2 deployments, I decided to leave the military once I discovered the reality of U.S. foreign policy and my role as an occupier of a sovereign nation. I was led to believe that I was liberating the iraqi people, that I was fighting for my country. But instead I was lied to and sent to steal a nations wealth at the command of corporations and central banks. The people of iraq were never our enemy, they were just doing what anyone would do if an occupying army came into their country. Now knowing the truth, I refuse participation in Individual Ready Reserve, I refuse to every be used as a pawn for foreign policy. I reject U.S. imperialism, and so can you. Our Lives, Our Rights!