Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Fedearl Judge Simeon Timothy Lake III: Moral Coward Who Protects Animal Torturers


Judge Simeon Lake has ruled that animal crush videos are protected by the First Amendment. This decision is one of the most cold hearted, sadistic, short sighted, speciesist, and painfully mistaken we've seen from our judicial branch in recent years. That's saying something. Simeon Timothy Lake III is a sick, toxic, pandering moron of a coward who will eventually face his bigotry, his criminal pandering to sociopaths like Jeffrey Skilling and the sadists who make and consume animal torture videos, and his utter, painful failure as a District Court Judge. Clearly, this man lives his life from a simian level of consciousness.

Just another sad example of an empire and political system gone frightfully wrong, and further proof that citizens with conscience, courage and common sense need to step up and end these atrocities. Government has failed again to show even a basic level of civilization, conscience or feeling.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

From Organic Gardening on the White House Lawn to the Profiteering of Cancer, Toxicity and Death.

When our first family moved in, Michelle Obama planted an organic garden at the White House: a beautiful, encouraging and hopeful thing to do. Then, lacking the courage and good sense to veto what is commonly called the "Monsanto Protection Act", HR 933, despite massive protest and a petition of nearly 250,000 signatures, our President sold out every child, woman, man, animal, tree and blade of grass by protecting those sick, coward sociopaths and their cancer of a company.

Furor Growing Against Obama Over Monsanto Protection Act